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Services for College Students

Steps to Treatment:

  1. Phone call with Sucheta
  2. Initial Evaluation
  3. Individual Treatment
  4. Group Treatment
  5. Summer Program






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Treatment Options:

Access to autonomy, freedom to move through life and independence to make decisions is what distinguishes college life from that of high school. However, with such freedom comes responsibilities. Getting to class on time, completing assignments, researching and writing papers, complying with deadlines as a full-time student, making a positive impression and taking advantage of college resources are a few such responsibilities that a college student has to juggle. In addition, the college student has to learn to pick and choose the distractions and indulgences without letting them interfere with life's goals.

With no one to watch over and to prompt to get work done, some young college students find themselves unable to handle unstructured time and unlimited freedom. ADHD and resulting executive dysfunction can act as a root cause for college failure.

We at Cerebral Matters address the needs of all those college bound or college students who struggle in attaining success in higher education because of executive dysfunction. The programs offered at Cerebral Matters are designed to teach executive proficiency and self-management so that a student can successfully transition to wider and newer opportunities of higher education. Our mission is to help each student attain proficiency in self-administration while working in partnership with professors, college counselors and parents to create successful college experience. Our goal is equip students with tools, processes and thinking methodologies that will go beyond college management and transfer into all aspects of life.

Who Can Benefit?

College students who:
  • Need skills to make the transition from high school to college using executive processes
  • Find themselves highly distracted by tempting college life which derails them from staying the course
  • Have a history of underachievement related to formal academic performance
  • Underestimate the complexity and breath of long-range planning
  • Do better with structure and support but since entering college have lost such structure
  • Lack the insight to know how inconsistent performance and mismanaged can hamper future success
  • Have challenges in envisioning future and triaging current activities in a with personal mission
  • Struggle to balance fun and work with self motivation and inner drive