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There are several factors one must consider with respect to education and executive functions. Teachers may agree that rarely there is a classroom with a homogenous student population that exhibits independence and initiative to maintain the rhythm in classroom learning. Teachers may be struggling to bring those along who are behind and not for the reasons of comprehension or learning deficits but mostly "application" challenges. These application challenges are nothing but executive functioning challenges. In the past two decades what I have understood about the process of educating our young ones is information dispersion, affect-based curriculum and value-based education is considered to be an important priority. However, skills related to self-initiative such as prioritizing, organizing or seeing the gestalt are introduced but not necessarily taught intentionally or methodically. In addition, as each teacher exercises autonomy in their classroom there may be such a wide range of variability that some teachers may teach ways of how to organize, sequence and manage while others leave it up to the students. Study and test preparation skills are considered to be a "self-discovery" process. What if there is a way to change this approach to one that makes these aspects of information and self-management more transparent and process-based?

Presentation Topics

Sucheta can be invited to make presentations on the following sample topics for teachers:

  • "Training the Future Self: 5 Innovative Strategies to Promote Emergence of Executive Functions"
  • "Demystifying Executive Functions and Strategizing for Personal Optimization"
  • "Wired & Tired – Helping Developing Brains Handle the Curse and the Boon of Technology And Social Media"
  • "Managing Focus and Effort In Students With Various Learning Disabilities"
  • "Executive Function Skills: Learning & Teaching"
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