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Mastery Course: Boost Your EF Skills with ExQ™
Spring 2019

10-Week Middle School Training

6 Seats Left!

Grades: Entering Grades 7 - 8
When: Mondays Starting October 1
Time: 4:00 - 6:00 PM

10-Week High School Training

6 Seats Left!

Grades: Entering Grades 9 - 12
When: Tuesdays Starting October 2
Time: 4:00 - 6:00 PM

10-Week College Training

(In-person or via Skype)

6 Seats Left!

Grades: Entering or Currently in College
When: Wednesdays Starting October 3
Time: 4:00- 6:00 PM

Executive Function Mastery

      Helping students optimize themselves as they grow up in the “attention economy” is a two-fold challenge. They are interacting in a world that provides information through a medium manipulated by highly skilled attention engineers. But their brains have yet to master the processes that deploy discernment while navigating distractions or multifaceted learning demands. Mastery in this context refers to the student's skills to reduce distractibility, control impulses, form consistent learning habits, strategize for learning and take actions that benefit their future-self. These skills are collectively referred to as Executive Function and students are asked to demonstrate these abilities but are rarely taught these skills.

      This fall, Cerebral Matters is offering an Executive Function Mastery Course designed to systematically train fundamental cognitive skills related to focus, impulse control, growth mindset, organization, planning, goal management, emotional regulation and self-awareness. The program is designed to strengthen the connection between brain, behaviors, learning, habits, and self-awareness which directly corresponds to cognitive competence and self-efficacy skills. After completing the training process, students have usable knowledge providing a stepping stone for higher-order thinking, as well as, critical reasoning skills essential for orchestration of optimized academic performance.

ExQ™ Training Tool

      Cerebral Matters is offering a unique opportunity to every training participant to interact with a brand new patented software tool called ExQ! ExQ is a highly-engaging and individualized online program that allows students to set their own goals for optimizing their future self. Features:

  • Game-based training to develop cognitive, social, and learning habits
  • A virtual coach who engages the student in error analysis and meta-awareness by learning from mistakes
  • Feedback about performance, self-awareness, and strategic thinking
  • Explicit connection made between in-game learning and in-life application through situational analysis and mental tools