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Parent Speaking Opportunities


If you're interested in having Sucheta present a topic at your school, please fill out the form below and Sucheta will get back to you.

Workshop Description:

All of us are and can become somewhat disorganized simply because we have too many things to keep-up with. Our children have the same challenge. However their level of cognitive proficiency and emotional maturity are still in the process of development.  Children need to cope with academic demands, social pressures, family dynamics and their personal struggles. Under those circumstances, anyone can appear disorganized.

If you have a child who needs help in knowing when & what to do, loses their homework, does not turn-in completed homework, forgets to tell you about the projects that are due, always has a lot of work because he/she doesn't finish it in school, then this may the right workshop for you. This workshop will address strategies that parents need to instill at home to address issues related to priority setting, time management and handling last minute changes. It will provide parents with the tools to build organization into their children's life and help them understand a variety of organizational structures. It will combine the theoretical framework of executive functions and the process of building routines.

Presentation Topics

Sucheta can be invited to make presentations on the following sample topics for teachers:

  • "From super-connected to super-prepared: Applying Executive Function Strategies to Everyday Preparedness for Highly Wired Kids"
  • "Hit the Pause Button: Practical Neuroscience for Everyday Executive Functioning"
  • "Raising Organized Children: Effective Executive Function Strategies for Successful Parenting"
  • "Me and My Future Self: Using the Executive Function Lens to Bridge the Gap Between Current Goals and Future Aspirations for All Children"
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