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Programs: Individual Training

Sucheta is an Executive Function specialist who is highly specialized in retraining the brain. Her methods are distinct, innovative and process specific; the scope of which goes beyond the clinical setting and permeates into successful life-management.

Through her 20 years of clinical experience of treating various patients it has become very clear to Sucheta that there are notable similarities between acquired neurological dysfunction and developmental disabilities in the domains of Attention, Memory, Processing, Problem Solving and Executive Functions. As a result, the training of these individuals must address the executive functioning ability, which trains them to become independent, self-sufficient and reflective. Each patient presents a unique profile of needs and challenges of which the successful treatment hinges not only on the "what" but also the "why" and "how" of Thinking to Learn and Learning to Think.

Service Outline:
Cerebral Matters offers THREE types of global services:

  1. Working with individuals on self-development
  2. Training educators and parents to manage underachievement in their students or children
  3. Train individuals and organizations to enhance their personal potential