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K-12 Students:

"My 11 year old son was experiencing frustration in his academic and home life in areas such as organization, comprehension and working memory. He was not working up to his potential at school and was increasingly frustrated at home. We came to Sucheta for a diagnostic on some specific areas that my son needed to work on and to put together an "action plan" to help him. After several months working with Sucheta we saw a significant increase in my son's ability to process information at school and home and reading comprehension and ability to inference and take tests successfully! As a result, he is more confident and generally a happier boy. He received 4 A's and 1 B on his last report card and the smile on his face because he could achieve that was PRICELESS!! Sucheta worked with my son in a timely, confident and compassionate manor and my son would often ask...'when do I see Sucheta again?' " - T.G.
"My daughter was diagnosed in her pre-school years with mild language/auditory/visual processing difficulties in addition to executive dysfunction, which impacted her socialization skills. At this early age, her frustrations would escalate to the point of physical outbursts. She was also diagnosed with ADD, which exacerbated these difficulties and complicated her efforts to focus on the real issues. This combination of symptoms was significant enough to make her very frustrated and struggle socially and emotionally, especially when oral and written language became more complex. Sucheta saw my daughter once a week for several years to work on many things such as: attention skills, brain memory, organizational skills, and help with receptive and expressive communication for both oral and written language. In addition, my daughter completed an intense, one-week summer camp with Sucheta for group social skills and group reading comprehension. One program helped my daughter to learn social skills such as eye contact, small talk, listening/responding, and asking questions. Another program helped her to read and understand complex materials with details. As a result of consistent intervention from Sucheta, my daughter has improved tremendously in both social and academic environments, along with a major boost in both her self confidence and self esteem. Sucheta has taught my daughter and my family numerous coping skills to help overcome these developmental challenges. Sucheta quickly connected with my daughter and understood her needs. Sucheta has been a godsend to my family. Her warm, compassionate, and non-judgmental demeanor was welcomed by the whole family. She has done more for my daughter then can be put into words and I would not hesitate to recommend Sucheta for any child who requires similar developmental support." - B.M.
"Diagnosed with ADHD and Executive Dysfunction, my daughter started seeing Sucheta Kamath in Middle School. Although bright, energetic and a good student, she was thwarted by difficulties in organization, time management, planning and cognitive developmental skills. Sucheta worked with her on communication, strategies to develop analysis and conceptualization, idea generation, structuring time, short range and global planning, reading comprehension as well as self-advocacy and social awareness. Sucheta immediately understood my daughter’s difficulties and was able to communicate her strengths and weaknesses to her with respect and encouragement. Graced with humor, compassion and excessive knowledge and experience, Sucheta has given my daughter a lifeline she otherwise might not have had. She has also been invaluable for teaching us, as parents, how to support and guide our daughter. It is not easy to find experts in this field and we feel we have struck gold with Sucheta and Cerebral Matters!" - A.J.
"I want to thank you very much for your engaging symposium at the IDA. We have three children with ADHD and your presentation really helped me to understand their disorder and why my husband and I cannot seem to make much impact on their executive functioning skills. Not only did the talk help me to understand them more but helped me to have a better understanding of what they are/are not capable of. Now that I have a better understanding of where they are and their capabilities, I believe that we need more skills on creating shared goals and doing more empathic parenting with a goal of helping them to improve these important skills." - K.D.

College Students:

"I needed help with a lot of things in addition to learning and focusing. My attention span was very short and I was constantly losing focus and motivation to complete tasks. I could start just about anything but I could rarely finish it. Sucheta taught me that I could do just about anything if I really put my mind to it. She taught me how to have determination to complete tasks and to do them correctly. She taught me several different techniques to block out distractions as I'm studying or trying to focus. She also taught me how to step back and look at challenges from several different angles. She's helped me to have a positive attitude when faced with challenges in life but also to continue to learn new things as we grow. Sucheta has a way of reaching people and making it fun to learn new things." - P.F.

Adult Patients:

"I needed help with overcoming a diagnosis of a Non-Verbal Learning Disability. This diagnosis affected my social interpersonal relationship, emotional well-being. Sucheta has helped me realize that a disability can be worked with, and that a full life can be lived as well. As part of my therapy Sucheta demands that I take on challenges and think about the big-picture outside her office. I believe that the work I have done with her allows me to achieve goals that I never thought possible before I met her. Sucheta has a joyous personality and her ability to help others through trying times in their personal as well as family lives sets her apart. Working with Sucheta has been both rewarding and a rare pleasure at the same time." - T.W.

TBI Patients:

"I sustained a brain injury years ago and after I finished my initial rehab services, I was fortunate enough to enter a program led by Sucheta at MGH in Boston. The program helped me rebuild my life and reestablish confidence in myself. I am often complimented on my memory and my management skills now and I just smile. I manage Harvard University's largest undergraduate dormitory and I help oversee about 800 students in residence. I have lots of help but I know I would not have been able to do this without Sucheta. If you are unfortunate enough to need help, then I hope you are as fortunate as I was to get the incredible help as I did!" - P.H.


"Just wanted to let you all know that I absolutely loved Sucheta's presentation yesterday. I have been working with some of these issues for 2 years now and I have learned so much through experience and my own reading, but that presentation was so valuable for me. Sucheta really broke it down in a way that made me understand what is going on. I saw so many of our kids in my head during the presentation and it really made me feel like I better understand what they are dealing with. I would love for her to come back again and speak about strategies for how to help students develop some of the abilities that they may lack. I'm not sure who it was that brought her here yesterday, but thanks." - N.F., Teacher
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